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Steve Murphy Review

Retired DEA agent who, along with Javier Peña, was one of the lead investigators in the manhunt of Colombian drug lord and leader of the Medellín Cartel, Pablo Escobar.

"STOREFRONT is a riveting, realistic, no-holds-barred look inside the little-known world of undercover police work, and what it takes to live and work in that unbelievably crazy environment. ATF Special Agent Lou Valoze personally led long-term ops that kept him in harm’s way for extended periods of time, years on end. While telling of these experiences, Lou also describes in detail how his heroic and lifesaving work came with a cost, nearly destroying his family and his life. A must-read for anyone interested in true heroes and true crime!!!."


Jay Dobyns Review

Retired ATF Agent and the author of bestsellers, No Angel – My Harrowing Journey to the Inner Circle of the Hells Angels, and, Catching Hell – A True Story of Abandonment and Betrayal.

"LOU VALOZE was that undercover operative that all us other Undercovers wanted to be. He was bigger, stronger, more handsome, more charismatic, more courageous, and of utmost importance, smarter than the rest of us in the game. When I looked a Lou, it wasn’t with jealousy or envy,

it was with admiration; pride that “this guy” was on my side. In his book StoreFront, for someone of Lou’s natural assets and track record of overwhelming achievement, to openly discuss his flaws and mistakes, doesn’t diminish him in my eyes, it elevates him. Ego and self-confidence are key

elements to the personalities of high-achieving UCs. Lou checks his at the door revealing to us his inner demons and providing the raw insight to his covert world that enhances his credibility, dignity, and integrity."


Javier Pena Review

Legendary DEA operative responsible for taking down Pablo Escobar, co-author of Manhunters: How We Took Down Pablo Escobar, and subject of the Netflix hit series Narcos

"Undercover work is a game and the goal is to persuade the bad guy to give you what you want. Successful undercover agents are street smart and use common sense, like Lou Valoze with his storefront operations, and are great at the game, but they also know just how hard it is to never cross a line."

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