A legacy in
Undercover Operations

“She leaned into Randy’s window and told us she wanted to see the money.

I told her we wanted to see the guns first.”

A former agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Lou Valoze is celebrated for revolutionizing undercover operations, particularly in the area of storefront stings. His two-decade career has been instrumental in enhancing public safety and advancing strategies in crime prevention. Emerging from a background in economics and business, Valoze initially pursued a banking career. However, his encounter with an undercover Drug Enforcement Administration agent dramatically altered his career path. Captivated by their conversation, Valoze was inspired to join the Department of Justice,

leading to a remarkable 25-year tenure as an undercover agent with ATF and a commitment to public service. Specializing in storefront stings, a technique where agents set up businesses to attract and apprehend criminals. This strategy proved highly effective under Valoze’s guidance, leading to the seizure of numerous illegal firearms and the disruption of criminal networks. His efforts significantly diminished the activities of various organized crime groups and gangs.

His profound understanding of criminal psychology, combined with this adaptability, facilitated the establishment of trust with his targets. This adeptness, coupled with his resilience in maintaining a dual identity under challenging circumstances, underscores both his professional acumen and mental fortitude.

Storefront Operation in Fort Lauderdale with Mike Connors.
My first home invasion case in Arizona with ATF Agents Jay Dobyns, Chris Bayless, and John Carr.

A window into undercover work

Valoze’s career also involved the challenges of maintaining a dual identity, encompassing both physical danger and psychological stress that he expands on in his first book. His open sharing of these experiences provides insight into the sacrifices made by law enforcement officers and the human aspect behind their roles.

Beyond his field work, Valoze authored “Storefront Sting: An ATF Agent’s Life Undercover,” a book that offers an in-depth look at his undercover experiences. This memoir serves as an educational resource for both law enforcement professionals and the general public, highlighting the intricacies of undercover operations.

Lou Valoze's decisive role in ATF missions:
a public figure

Currently, Valoze continues to share his knowledge and experiences, inspiring others through speaking engagements, training sessions and media appearances. His story goes beyond criminal apprehension; it’s about innovative law enforcement techniques, the emotional and psychological depth required for undercover work, and a commitment to public service.

Lou Valoze is associated with the Eagle Rise Speakers Network, an organization committed to inspire and drive positive change. He can be booked as a speaker marked by significant contributions to crime reduction and public safety.

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