Lou Valoze author and retired ATF

Lou Valoze

Lou Valoze is a distinguished author and speaker, renowned for his pivotal role in undercover operations as a retired agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF).

He successfully led operations that resulted in the seizure of over a thousand illegal firearms and the arrest of numerous criminals. Valoze’s experiences and insights into the challenges of undercover law enforcement are detailed in his book, “Storefront Sting: An ATF Agent’s Life Undercover.”

Storefront Sting:
An ATF Agent's Life Undercover

“Storefront Sting: An ATF Agent’s Life Undercover” by Lou Valoze is a gripping narrative about the author’s extensive undercover work for the ATF. It chronicles his high-risk operations against organized crime groups and gun traffickers through innovative storefront stings. The book details the challenges and dangers of undercover work, including the personal toll it took on Valoze’s life and family. It offers a unique insight into the complex strategies used to disarm criminals and the psychological impact of living a double life.

Streaming now

“Operation Undercover: Guns & Drugs in Carolina” is a Discovery Channel documentary series providing an intense and in-depth look at Valoze’s covert operations in South Carolina, highlighting the risks and complexities of dismantling criminal networks.

Audiences will gain a profound understanding of the dedication and strategy behind these high-stakes law enforcement missions. Streaming on Discovery, HBO Max and Investigation Discovery.


Javier Pena

DEA Operative and subject of the Netflix hit series Narcos

“Successful undercover agents are street smart and use common sense, like Lou Valoze with his storefront operations, and are great at the game, …”

Steve Murphy

DEA Operative and subject of the Netflix hit series Narcos

“ATF Special Agent Lou Valoze personally led long-term ops that kept him in harm’s way for extended periods of time, years on end.”

Jay Dobyns

Retired ATF Agent and Author

“Lou Valoze was that undercover operative that all us other Undercovers wanted to be…”